Ridiculously Soft Bamboo Face Masks & Gaiters

Two breathable layers. Adjustable & Stretchable. ULTRA SOFT & DURABLE. Eco Friendly. Thermo regulating moisture wicking fabric. Blocks UV rays. Hypoallergenic. Anti Microbial. Biodegradable. Responsibly made in Costa Rica. 

Adjust and cut the ear straps to your perfect fit, or leave the extra cord to keep the mask secure around your neck when not over your face, and protect it from falling on the dirty ground. 

WHY BAMBOO? We want to do our part to leave this earth better than we found it. Part of how we want achieve this is by offering high quality products with low environmental impact. Bamboo is the perfect material to use in our SnuG products for so many reasons!The bamboo plant grows up to four feet in a day, making it one of the most sustainable raw materials. This also means there will always be plenty of bamboo plants for all of our animal friends. Unlike cotton, the bamboo plant doesn’t need chemicals, pesticides, or fertilizers to grow.Bamboo also absorbs five times the amount of carbon dioxide and releases over three times as much oxygen as any other plant!So when you use SnuG bamboo plant products you have a positive effect on the air we breathe.All of our products are made from Bamboo responsibly sourced from Costa Rica